There are two simple steps that are given by many practioners to those looking to start healing themselves. The first is to practice presence through walking meditation. The second step involves auto-writing to connect to your intuition and learn underlying cause of your ailment. Once you’ve decided to become a happy person and embraced the things you’re grateful for, you also need to accept yourself for who you are. It’s an inevitable part of your journey.

When you’re ready to put an end to suffering, you know that you have all the tools within you to not only heal yourself, but to live the life you desire. The dream relationship, peace of mind, financial freedom, sincere friendships, unwavering happiness. Everything you ever hoped for can be achieved through the healing process.

To heal yourself, you must be 100 percent ready and ready to be healed. Everyone is ready in their own time and there is no judgment as to what constitutes feeling ready. There’s usually a strong sense of knowing when you’re ready to let it all go. In addition to feeling ready you also need to allow yourself to be open to the possibility of being healed, once you’ve opened yourself up to facing the possibility, then you need to step back and let it happen.

You can learn to improve your innate self-healing skills by learning to channel your body’s energy. Discovering the healer within is a very sacred process in which you build a relationship with yourself and become a mother, father, lover, friend, teacher, and healer that may have taken you all your life and in this moment. Not only do you need to feel ready but you also need to be open to the possibility of a cure. Understanding the miracles your body does from moment to moment awakens your desire to heal as it helps you understand how special you really are.

If you eat unhealthy foods, you may have gastrointestinal problems and drink tea or chicken soup. You most likely know if you’re one of those people, but you might also be able to identify a healer you know. Many people who have gone through energy healing describe it as relaxing, warm, and physically comfortable. Most people who have experienced energy healing describe it as soothing, comfortable, and physically friendly.

Once you’ve completed your mediation, say a small prayer or blessing to your higher self, those who care about you and God (if that feels right for you), and ask them to help you heal and let go of anything that no longer serves you. For the most part, healers have been on this path of life for a long time and it was their desired direction.

I has myself have helped over 170 people heal in the last year through remote 1 on 1 consultations. If you are a beautiful soul ready to access your own unique healing abilities and unleash your powers, schedule a discovery call and find out how I can help you reach your true potential.


Eamon Mc Grenaghan
Eamon Mc Grenaghan

Eamon Mc Grenaghan has been helping people heal from all forms of emotional and physical ailments since late 2015. His unique gift of Spiritual Insight and understanding of ancient healing techniques allows Eamon to heal from a distance through the quantum field.

Formerly an IT freelancer, Eamon now assists the spiritually aware awaken and tap into their own Divine essence. Your innate spiritual gifts and psychic abilities will be reignited for the purpose of lifting humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

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